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Pirate101's Marleybone

Feb 13, 2011
From what I've heard Marleybone in Wizard101 is short and just involves hopping on rooftops to stop the main villains in the city. But in Pirate101, Marleybone has a cool storyline where you need to stop the great war between the world and the Valencian Armada...
Anyone think the Wizard101 Marleybone should have been more like the Pirate101 Marleybone?

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Jul 10, 2009
The first thing you need to consider is that Wiz's MarleyBone came out in 2007, and Pirate's was in 2013. That's six more years of development in the industry and experience on KI's part.

Ignoring that, (along with the fact I've haven't finished Pirate101's MarleyBone) I think that Wizard101's MarleyBone should more closely mimic Pirate's, at least in terms of storyline structure. Though I like how Big Ben has two counterweights and Beachead has two stations.

Slightly off-topic--One of the small things that bother me was that Pirate101 showed MarleyBone as being part of a larger landmass, while Wizard made it look like its own island. KI could add a few sidequests that referenced Pirate101 (Pirate101 has a lot of Wizard references). There is a quest where Watson mentions "the war," however, this could be the war with the Armada, because that is still going on, and if you look at MooShu, then you can see that they are well lined up. I mean, its not too unrealistic that a pirate wouldn't hear about one wizard, but it seems very unlikely that a wizard wouldn't hear about a major war that is going on between the Armada and MarleyBone.

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