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One Shot Meowiarty!

Apr 21, 2012
I'm sorry, what I did was just so amazing, (by my standards for what I've done, at least.) I felt I just had to tell someone! So, I was nervous about facing meowiarty, but since I had no friends online at the time, I decided to face him anyway. This was with a wizard, by the way, and yes, I realize that is the opposite of Meowiarty but still. Anyway, first I took out the Clockwork Wizard with my wand attack then Kraken. Then I summoned my Water Elemental minion into the fight. Almost immediately he cast Taunt, which took some focus off me, I then began whamming on the Agony Wraith, after awhile he began attacking me but it was too late for him. Then I began to attack Meowiarty himself. A Stormblade followed by Kraken did 1130 damage! That combined with a Lightning Bat and Storm Shark crippled him, unfortunately, towards the end of it Meowiarty finally took out my minion. But after that, I saved up pips and took him out with, not a storm spell, but a Seraph!

Again, this is just for me, and I'm sure there other people out there who have one-shot Meowiarty to, I just felt like sharing this.