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mr incinerator

Jun 17, 2012
having trouble beating mr incinerator and his friend. can people help with the fight. just think its tough fighting 2 bosses alone. how can u beat him ive played it 20 times got close but not close enough

Feb 28, 2009
Sorry to inform you of this, but Mr. Incinerator is a solo quest for fire students only. No one can help you with this. So, I suggest that you load up on nice treasure cards and perhaps think about using a minion from the crown shop to help you. Hope this helps!

--Sabrina Goldendust
Lvl 46 Conjurer

Dec 31, 2010
Go to wizard101 central, they have an easy way to meet up with wizards doing the same quest. It also is easier than finding someone on here!

Jul 10, 2011
I had to do this quest too. Here's my suggestion:

Load your deck with fireblades (this is a fire quest), fire trap and your best spell which most likely is phoenix because the level you get this quest is lvl 38 and if you do not have satyr get two satyr treasure cards from Harold Argleston or the Bazaar, and first, use fireblade and fire trap on Clinker, and use phoenix. After you use phoenix and have four pips, if you have over 900 health taken down, use satyr. While you're saving up pips, use fireblade, fire trap on Mr. Incinerator, and preferably glacial shield (because Mr. Incinerator is storm) when you have the pips, use satyr if you need it, or use phoenix. repeat this once more, and he will be dead.

May 24, 2012
Eric is right. Put out your ring of fire (Wyldfire, I guess it's called), trap the bad guys and blade yourself. When you do your meteor strike that should just about finish it. I like to keep a blizzard treasure card as backup. Same as meteor but snow. You can also help yourself by carrying a wand that is opposite Mr. Incinerator's school. The sparklers (the cards across the bottom of your card page) cost nothing to cast so you're gathering pips while you're being an irritant. They hate that!

Jun 12, 2012
i am a lvl 34 pyromancer Brand emeraldrider i had the quest for 5 lvls before i beat him what you do is use immolate with trap and blade on clinker and heal yourself use this combo for mr incinerator as well i hope this halped :D

May 25, 2009
Sep 29, 2011
Just get a bunch of tc! Thats what i did and i surrvied with 300 health! Wel good luck!

Jul 14, 2012
:( i die die and die on him i must of tried a million times and i am saving up for a new house what do i do?
:( i am a medium level and i still die

best of luck helping me

wolf rainweave

Apr 09, 2011
easy kill the boss first then kill the minion mr incinerator in fire or storm the minion is storm kill storm before fire then use shields fire and storm only then use some blades and kill him if u die keep trying

Jul 09, 2012
What I did was use a high level minion from the crown shop

Dec 04, 2012
I am only a fire level 28 and got this quest. I don't know what to do. this is so imposssiiiiiibbbblllleeeee. should I try to level up more and get phoenix? this is so hard,

Oct 24, 2010
pyro52701 on Dec 28, 2012 wrote:
I am only a fire level 28 and got this quest. I don't know what to do. this is so imposssiiiiiibbbblllleeeee. should I try to level up more and get phoenix? this is so hard,
Use your prism, that's what it's for. And use your secondary school spells and treasure cards if you have them. It can be done. (You can also hire henchmen if you have crowns)