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Mr. Incarcinator

Jul 31, 2011
I can't seem to defeat Mr. Incarcinator to retrieve Flamela's book for the fire professor. Can someone please help me??

Aug 08, 2012
I will assume you are at least a level 28 fire wizard, since after some researching, the quest you're on appears to be Burning Books, a Fire-school only quest. I will also assume the boss you're talking about is actually Mr. Incinerator, not Mr. Incarcinator. Unfortunately, you will have to solo this.

You have DoT spells; use it to your advantage. Heck Hound and Link will probably be your best friends here, since one does 130 damage per pip over time, and the other is also a DoT spell, but also heals you for a small amount. Wyldfire could also possibly help you, since it increases damage. Buying Fire Dragon treasure cards could also help you, since it is a DoT spell that also attacks all enemies. However, it's also quite a bit of pips. Tower shield, storm shield, and myth shield treasure cards will also help you.

Jan 18, 2010
I recently assisted a fellow Pryommancer who was having similar difficulties. This is what I mentioned:

the quest you're doing is a school only quest.

School only quests are usually solo entry only where friends are barred from teleporting to you in the instance you're currently in.

As a result, you must take down Mr. Incinerator on your own.

As you know, he has a Minion which also happens to know spells such as Storm Shark.

So, you'll have to be smart about using your storm shields.

So, if you've crowns:

Hire a few henchmen, the level 20 ones will work fine. They are just bait to the attacker's attention.
Blade up - Fireblade, Elemental Blades, Treasure Card Versions etc.
Shield when necessary. If you notice the boss's pips building and he already has a few traps on your or charms; shield!
Use a treasure card Feint on the boss and use firetraps as well on both enemies.
Buy some Giant Treasures and enchant your Meteor Strike.
Use it, if you fizzle, discard, draw and try again.
Pack a few Sunbirds/Immolates as well along with fairies.
A well enchanted Meteor should dispatch the minion in one shot and seriously hurt the boss.
Finish him off with a bladed Sunbird etc.
Shield in between rounds.
If you're below half health; heal.

No Crowns:
Apply the same strategy.
Ensure you're first. - It helps!
Also, wear school only level appropriate gear!

Good Luck!