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More Marleybone troubles please help..

Jul 07, 2009
Ok here is the full story... I was in a membership a year ago or so and I gave the game a break. Now i am playing again. My lvl 34 wizard had already defeated all of the marleybone quests, but when I started playing again i couldnt get into mooshu. I thought maybe i didnt complete marleybone so i searched everywhere for jobs and i couldnt find one. So i thought i just needed to become a lvl 35 wizard to get into mooshu. When i reached the lvl still nothing. What should i do.

Apr 30, 2010
Did you complete Big Ben? Did you go and talk to Prof. Ambrose?

Oct 04, 2009
my sister had this problem only with Krock
she did all the quests she could find but still did not get to marlybone
sadly i have no advise for you bacause my sister is not playing that person any more sooooooooo............................................
your out of luck i am sry i can not help you but just know your not alone (:

Jun 11, 2010
Check your quests. You may just need to talk to someone and then you'll be off to MooShu! Plus look at a map of Marley bone and see if you remember doing all of the places on the map at some time or another.