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matley bone -- given em' the brush quest

Jan 30, 2010
Hey, this is Blaine ShadowFlame, the level thirty one magus fire wizard. :-D i am having some difficulties on this quest that would normally be easy to me and most likely any other magus wizard. this is the given em' the brush quest, and i am required to defeat some street sweepers on the pavillian in the ironworks dungeon.yes, I have completed this dungeon before.... Wel, i had just done a recent quest where i had to defeat street sweepers, and i ended up having to defeat all of them in the pavilian to get my iteam. well no when i ot this quest, every time i go to this particular dungeon and go to the pavillian, there are no more of the street sweepers. i have tried going to a different realm, logging out and back in, and shuing down the computer. every time there is nothig there :x and i don't know what to do. hould i just try and wait for them to respond? i don't know, i need help s message me back if you thing you can solve this, thanks.

Jul 04, 2009
You need to stay out of the Ironworks for 30 minutes before it will reset and have the sweeps respawn. OR, you can continue through the gate where you had to step on the symbols on the floor to unlock and fight the sweeps there ... I believe they will count even though they aren't at the pavilion.

Abigail has a serious hatred of the sweeps.