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Marylebone Lag

Aug 23, 2010
Greetings I have a ? to all you players out there. there is a ton of lag in Marylebone when you hit hyde park an some of the quest but for some reason it lags when you our a monster cast a spell our ya gain a power pip really i dont know if it just me our if everyone has this problem. the places i know of this major lag is in hyde park, ironworks an the commens area in Marylebone. If anyone of the higher up ppl in this Game can help our give some in sight in to this plz drop a Massage ty.

May 20, 2010
One thing you can try is to turn off your quest arrow. The letter "T" toggles it on and off. If the lag clears up, then this was the problem. You can still use the quest arrow to get your bearings. Just come to a stop, use the arrow to figure out where to go, and turn it back off before going on.