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marlybone felt dull

Mar 28, 2015
ok I used to love this world more than any other but when I was doing my story play though it had a lack off one and so did pirate can some one fill me up on what i missed in the story or what the story is ?

Apr 18, 2010
I've just finished Marley bone on my second wizard and I found it a bit dull as well. I think K my problem lies with the lack of lower level players. When I first started playing way way back in 2012, Marleybone and Mooshu and Dragonspyre were relatively teeming with new players. It was not hard to find people to team up with or join battles with. Now, even in the most crowded realms and areas, I find there to be a severe lack of players in really any world below Azteca. It can't really be helped I suppose...maybe a little more advertising? It just feels so lonely trying to level up my wizards from other schools.

Dec 25, 2012