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Marleybone's crafting quest

May 25, 2009
I was finishing the crafting quest that Felicia Worthington gave to me and it said I had completed the objectives and to go talk to her. When I talked to her though it just said to bring her two stingers of the scorpion and two constellation jewels. I crafted two of each but I had one of each in my inventory when I talked to her, do I need two?

I really need help because I don't want to waste my time collecting scrap metal AGAIN. So please if you know anything tell me.

You answered your own question, young Wizard.

She asked you for two of each. You must bring her two of each.
If you've crafted them all, but sold or deleted some, you may luck out and be able to buy someone else's mistakenly sold crafted items from the Bazaar. If not, you will have to craft the requirement and make sure they are ALL in your backpack when you talk to her again.