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Marleybone- Short?

Mar 08, 2009
In my opinion, i find Marleybone to be going by much quicker than WC and KT.
I mean, look at how fast you jump from Hyde Park to The Ironworks.
Does anyone else agree?

Feb 06, 2009
FireguyX wrote:
In my opinion, i find Marleybone to be going by much quicker than WC and KT.
I mean, look at how fast you jump from Hyde Park to The Ironworks.
Does anyone else agree?

/I totally agree i mean my friend and i have been going through this game and i left him behind. Hyde park to chelsea court to the ironworks was like the easiest thing in the game while krokotopia was pretty long........i mean REALLY LONG! But i liked it because i could move on to different places! Well thats my opinion. ROCK ON WIZARD 101!!!!! 8)

Jul 05, 2008
Well I glad it is. Surveys show most players do not like marleybone. And many strongly dislike it. It is dreary and you bascially do the same thing over and over again. The roof top battles get to be no fun after awhile and all places look the same. Dreary, dark and oh yeah on a roof.

Mar 08, 2009
hmm i don't think the same.It may be i am new to Marleybone but there is something about it that i like that makes it cool and Krokotopia was too long so its good to see something different.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
If you are one to do main line quests only, it can be fast. If, on the other hand, you want to do all the quests, see the sights, explore a bit...well, it can be long (and if you dislike the dark, very dreary).

Mar 08, 2009
I'm still at hyde park, but thanks for pointing out that it goes by fast. I really don't like dogs

Apr 03, 2009
Sure its short, if you avoid certain quests, and are that good at getting around the ever going creatures that run the streets. Or it may also be fast if you avoid that guy that always makes you find different things in different places, you know the guy that looks like a old western cattle driver. Yah, you can avoid him.. but he gives you the best rewards, You get alot of xp, some kind of equipment and now furniture, gives you alot of gold oh and the most important thing he gives you a training point! I personally dont know of any other character in the game that gives you a training point, but i look forward to finding him in every new world to get that next training point that i need for my second school. So while most have skipped him, i took him up on his offer in every world so it takes me a bit longer to finish different worlds but the pay off for me is better. Still on the other hand... i wish they would have more safe zones in marleybone like they did in all the other worlds before it lol, and i am not the only one who thinks that either lol.

Dec 16, 2008
I am happy that Marleybone is short
it is really boring and dreary. I'm
in Newgate Prision and fighting
the wraith and I can't wait to go to
Mooshu! Wizard 101 rules!

Wolf Dragonflame
Level 29 pyromancer
Marleybone, Newgate Prision

May 19, 2009
I really agree with Azalia. I don't like Marley Bone AT ALL, and I've just started on some of the basic first quests. My main complaint is that you're sent ALL OVER the place to talk to different people and EVERY TIME I get pulled into a battle since this place doesn't have the sidewalk safety that we had in WC and Krok land. :-(

The game is already hard enough, but to be constantly dragged into battle on my way to complete a quest is totally frustrating. I may even decide to drop Wizard 101, since I'm so tired of these dogs and roofs.

Come on--we should at least have SOME kind of sidewalk even if it's a gutter on the roof and very narrow. I'm wasting WAY too much time trying to avoid the roof dwellers, and get caught anyway. :?

Very disappointed--except I do like the stars, so maybe I'll give up the quests and just ride the boat :-D

Cassandra Earthsong
Level 29, Life

Feb 15, 2009
I dont think marleybone is short AT ALL!!! I hate it!! My only quest is keningston park!! I peaked inside and got sucked into a battle almost immedeietly!! The things have like 2000 health each!! And its a 3v1!! And Being a fizzleing low health pyromancer it is HARD!! I have an adept death friend and he has more health than me!! Now I was just looking bacause I had no friends with me at the time. But I still got sucked in battle!! Ugh well i was just saying i dont agree with the statment that marleybone is short. It is long and hard in my opinion!!

Jasmine Firesong,
Magus pyromancer

Dec 20, 2008
I've found that the easiest way to avoid the rooftop battles is to walk in the middle. Works for me. I,'m finding that MarleyBone seems to last longer for the people that don't like it. Myself included. Too much backtracking for me. Just when you think your done with an area you get sent right back for this or that........
Thanks, Kieran DragonFlame

Mar 02, 2009
i havent even really started marleybone.....but i DESPISED krokotopia!!!!
so even if it is short...its a pretty cool little place

Dec 11, 2008
i'm level 39 and im still in marleybone -.- it IS long. i lose intrest in the quests and give up if i go do the quest 8 times. im still on katzenstein's lab

Brianna DeathSong, 39, Necromancer.

May 12, 2009
Marleybone, Marleybone,

Short? Possibly. Dreary? well yeah, it is patterned off of 19th century London. Dark? Oh yeah! Because if you notice it takes place mostly at night and outdoors.

As for the quests, I personally do all the little ones and have found that if you revisit some of the NPC's that have already given quests they will give another.

For the fizzling low health pyromancer...I feel your pain brother(or sister as the case may be)... I'm a fizzling high health pyro on the verge of level 36. My suggestion would be to, if you can afford it, go to Zeke the prospector and check out the equipment he sells for crowns...thats how i gained my health.

Kensington Park (sp?) waste of time... at least for now i tried and died in about 30 seconds plan on trying again after level 40

My main problem is I am stuck in Big Ben I have made it to Meowiarity only once and 2 minutes into the battle the the "Going Down For Maintenance" popped up and the server closed down right as i was casting the spell that would end the encounter.
Everyother time it seems like I fizzle right at the crucial moment and it turns the tide in "their" favor (often multiple times) and it seems I never get the initiative and get 1st attack (and this is just my opinion) but it seems like the "monsters" seem to know what spell i have chosen and 75% of the time cast the perfect counter just prior to my turn (after we have chosen what to cast).

All in all I am of the mind that Marleybone is okay (I cant wait to get to MooShu though) , mostly because i dont like cats, but on the whole i will be glad to move on.