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marleybone needs sidewalks!

Feb 01, 2009
You need to make marleybone have sidewalks.It's hard enough to dodge things in places with sidewalks.We need sidewalks or atleast something where cats,rats,and other marleybone creatures can't attack us.

Jun 13, 2010
:? i cant get to marley bone on m y own yet.. but i have finished quests there by teleporting to my friends!! :D but yeah its hard to get thorugh marley bone i mean whe there are like planks in the way and i dont know there is an enemy coming.. IT STINKS

Jun 13, 2010
Dec 01, 2009
Yeah, they need to show the sidewalks. I was in Kensington, and ran into some of those dang Splinterbots...

Luke Windwraith
Level 34 Thaumaturge

Aug 21, 2010
Actually, even though MB doesn't have sidewalks, if you stay to the side you won't be dragged into a battle. I think the only problem is Dungeons in MarleyBone, but even they are better than other dungeons like Sunken City, where you get dragged into a battle from , like, 80 steps away.

My advice is to MARK. LIKE. CRAZY. if your being dragged into a pointless battle, and before you teleport back to the mark, restock your mana so you can mark agai if yor dragged into ANOTHER battle.

Hope this helps any newcomer in MB! :D

Jack DragonSpear, lvl 40 Pyromancer
Currently in MooShu

Dec 12, 2009
peachtheferret wrote:
hi, destiny here. i was wondering: why is MB the only place without sidewalks? WC, DS, krok, and even mooshu have sidewalks, but in marleybone you have to deftly dodge rats cats and gearheads while making your way to a boss fight! WHY? you could at least put a bunch of wooden planks on the side!
they didn't put sidewalks because your on buldings i think :D

Feb 23, 2009
yes, but thats apart of the game

they want to see your abilitys to watch out.

like a life lesson,

Feb 01, 2010
WizardPower100 wrote:
carterma wrote:
there are no sidewalks in marleybone because it happens on rooftops. When's the last time you saw sidewalks on roofs? Just learn how to navigate around the monsters. Take your time, watch their movement patterns. Will you get sucked into unwanted battles sometimes? Yes, that's part of the game.
I agree. You never see sidewalks on rooftops. I get stuck in battle with cats and mouses sometimes, so get used to it.
and since when have we seen those wooden plank things on roofs yeah i haven't but they have them anyway they could put those wooden planks thing as sidewalks to you know

Jul 29, 2009
[Please, this is not bad coding. This is exactly what they intended. One of the primary challenges in Marleybone is learning how to navigate. It is very frustrating at first, but if you take the time, you will adapt to it and it will help you in future worlds (I'm thinking cave of solitude in mooshu). Don't let it frustrate you -- look at it as a learning experience because there is a skill to be learned now. Now, i can run through Marleybone with ease and only get into the fights I want to get in -- even with those dang lightning fast, diagonal running, start/stop clockwork golems. And you will too] if you can't stand MB, which I totally understand(I was the same way), just wait till you get to the cave of solitude!! I got caught every five seconds! Plus they are rank 5 elite storm. -Chelsea Fairystrider lvl 39 diviner. Hi to everyone I know!!!! :)

Apr 18, 2010
TotalAwesomeness wrote:
I KNOW! It's impossible to get through katzenstein because of all the running enimies! I am so close to Mooshu and dang katzenstein is totally in the way of me getting to it!

Scarlet Moonblade
Level 30 Magus Thaumaturge

It does need sidewalks

Dec 27, 2008
neilc81 wrote:
Yeah I felt the same way when I first started to travel the rooftops of Marleybone, but then I realized that running in the middle of the roof is almost like running on sidewalks in the other worlds.

If you run in the middle, then the only circumstance that you have to watch out for is when the NPCs turn around, because they walk through the middle for a brief time.

Well, I've tried it, and even when the guys are having their backs turned, I still get caught and sucked into a battle! I mean, how is that possible!?!

Feb 27, 2010
Well true there are no visible sidewalks but the very side/edge of the roof is the sidewalk. most of all the time you'll never get in fights if you travel the edge of the roof! So please dont think Kingsisle Entertainment Incoporated (is evil!) wants you to "fail" in Marley Bone. they did set boundries for the "monsters". Although the boundries are hard to see they are there. Just stay to the edge of the roof!

From, Meagan DrakeHeart
Magus Myth Wizard

Dec 26, 2010
Alright, first off IMO it isn't that bad (but that is just my opinion). But if it is really annoying for you the best thing you can do is press the Escape key when you get caught in a battle and then press quit. Wait five seconds then play again! You'll be in the same place you were and the enemies should have moved! Hoped this help! :D

May 27, 2009
Isn't it sad that the game developers come up with interesting ways to make each world unique and then the players start making comments about how they want them all to be the same.

What makes Marleybone unique is the rooftop layout. Running in the middle USED TO work, but not so much any more. What DOES WORK is taking your time and studying how the enemies move. They all have patterns that they follow, and once you become familiar with the pattern, you'll be able to travel safely.

Sidewalks on rooftops makes no sense whatsoever.

May 06, 2009
KI! With the new updiate you didnt make things better, you made things worse! Even when I go on the sides I still get sucked into battles! And to all you people saying "deal with it" you obviously aeren't in Marlybone! I have spent two days just trying to get to Icepick! No lie!
I dont even know why I'm saying this because KI won't do anything about it!
But seriously, we need something like planks, I was excited for Mb but now it is an utter nightmare!

Jan 01, 2010
I know MB stinks without sidewalks when i first started it, I GOT CAUGHT LIKE 10 TIMES.

Dec 10, 2008
Marleybone is difficult without sidewalks, but there is a trick to it. First, when your on a roof, go the the very side of it, and when you get to a ramp, wait for a few seconds to make sure there are no enemies nd walk on the wooden plank of the ramp. You could also observe how the enemies move. For example, some run or walk to the left, instead of going down the middle or running in the opposite direction, slowly follw from a reasonable distance behind the until you get to your destination. I hope this helps. :)

Jun 30, 2009
I've been walking on the very sides for a while now! All you gotta do is walk on the wood boards. After all they walk next to them now.

Mar 27, 2010
peachtheferret wrote:
hi, destiny here. i was wondering: why is MB the only place without sidewalks? WC, DS, krok, and even mooshu have sidewalks, but in marleybone you have to deftly dodge rats cats and gearheads while making your way to a boss fight! WHY? you could at least put a bunch of wooden planks on the side!

When you try to cross from building to building, you will see wooden things on the side. Those wooden things are your sidewalks. Also, Mooshu does NOT have sidewalks.

lvl.38 pyromancer
Hunter Wild Horn