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marleybone needs sidewalks!

Aug 10, 2009

I seriously agree, there needs to be sidewalks badly.

I can't get any of my quest done without getting caught. Please change this make a darn sidewalk from those planks. Everyone doesn't like getting caught every second. And I also want this changed: Make it the same as everwhere else. Here in MarleyBone, everywhere I go, I get caught in battle and I am so not near them. Pleae change that, it's so not fair, all the other worlds don't have that problem. I think you guys are trying to cheat, it's not fair :(
Oh and by the way, This is Michelle :D! I hope all my friends recognize this :D!

Aug 22, 2009
I just got to Marleybone :P and I agree that there needs to be sidewalks. I mean I'm in Hyde Park and whenever I try to walk on the "sidewalks" I get caught by those stupid O'Leary dudes. It is so annoying!

Jul 12, 2009
I agree! It's so annoying how I get pulled into battles 75% of the time I try to avoid them! ESPECIALLY with the Gearheads! They run at 250 mph or something!

Dec 26, 2009
Resetti123 wrote:
I agree all the way! I'm almost done with MB, and I only have the Counterweights and Big Ben left.. But if you're on Katz, then congrats! You're almost done with MB.

I beat Big Ben yesterday. Meowiarty is SO HARD! I doubt you will get to the last floor. If you don't spill the milk than yes. My friends keep spilling the milk and when they left, I didn't or else Spike would come. They always cost me the game. But I was lucky to beat the cat solo. And the sidewalks, there are none but stay close to the edges of buildings.

Aug 07, 2009
there is sidewalks you know that right

those boards on the wire things the enemys walk on the boards are safe just dont get to close to the part where they walk get to the edge where you are safe or hide behind board stacks or barrels and you be safe oh ya here are a list of things of good and bad of marley

battle = more exp
battle=less mana and health
battle=more stuff
battle=some stuff you dont need
katz lab =HATE
big ben=HATE
dogs = love
bandit cats rats = pain hate battleHATE
golems and prison[ new gate prison] = HATE HATE we going to die HATE

Jun 22, 2009
peachtheferret wrote:
hi, destiny here. i was wondering: why is MB the only place without sidewalks? WC, DS, krok, and even mooshu have sidewalks, but in marleybone you have to deftly dodge rats cats and gearheads while making your way to a boss fight! WHY? you could at least put a bunch of wooden planks on the side!

Marleybone has sidewalks just stay to the side of the roof and when crossing the grills (or whatever they're called) to get ot the next rooftop just stay on the wodden part. My olny other tip is LOOK OUT even with a mount it's impossable to not get pulled into battles but one thing i've learned is to keep behind a monster that you dont want to get pulled into a fight with. It takes a little longer then just running but in the long term it pays off trust me

-Dustin Griffinflame

Jan 20, 2010
When I first started MB, I would've been in agreement with most of you guys. But with all the going back and forth for quests, I've learned how to get around in MB. When I helped my friend, Vanessa Soulhunter, in MB, I had started DS, so I just teleported to her because I haven't been in MB for like 2 worlds, and because I don't want to take even more time with unnecessary battles. With MB, I've learned how to avoid battles and that's helped me A LOT in MS. Not so much in DS since DS has sidewalks.

So, basically, if you SERIOUSLY want sidewalks in MB, just practice getting around!

Olivia Lotusflower
Level 47 Master Thaumaturge

Apr 13, 2010
Having no sidewalks is part of the theme of MB. Its meant to be a crowded city, so you have to maneuver around the place. You are on rooftops with gangsters. learn from your enemies and be sneaky. Personally I haven't had much problems with the gearheads just stay opposite them. Also, stay on the VERY edge when passing by an enemy, then just run and repeat. A big part is predicting movements, it helps alot. stay on the edges, memorizze patterns, and you can make it across easy. to get past MB you have to be patient, not careless.

Blaze Thunderheart

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Jun 09, 2010
Patience is a virtue. If you take your time you are less likely to get drug into a battle. I have successfully manuevered even in the hardest of hit places, by taking my time. If you take your time then you will be ok. I find when I am in a rush it is harder. Even more so on a mount because they sway ever which way. I wish they would make the mounts a bit more stable for when you run. But that is just part of the game. As I said before take your time and you are fine. If you are on the very edge of the roof they can't get to you.

Run behind the creatures as one person put it. Or if you get far ahead dash as fast as you can till you see another creature approaching you then slow down and take it slow till they pass you. Eventually they will and you will have your break to get away from them. From time to time create save points so if you die you don't have to "weave" thru the traffic again so you can start off from where you last started to save you some time as well. I find this a bit helpful. I just wish they had more save points so you can save more than one place. It would make it even better if they could.

Oct 16, 2009
cheesepie3 wrote:
I used to think that but now i can avoid them and im almost done with marleybone just the counterweights and big ben 2 go 8)
:x I have no problem with fighting some o learly but i agree Marley Bone needs side walks its hard in dungens manily because you get pulled into battles so easily and kensington park was hard becuase no side walks

Dec 24, 2009
the sidewalks are a good idea but you dont need them, the marleybone battles aren't that hard anyway, but DS without sidewalks would be a nightmare.

Blaze Deathhammer, level 48 balance

Jul 30, 2010
What i do is if i get pulled in a battle i quickly mark the location, flee, get mana, and port back. I agree that MB should have sidewalks though.

Jul 09, 2010
I TOTALLY AGREE, although i'm in Krokotopia, i ported to a friend in MB and was doing some quests there and coninuously, battle, battle, battle, battle, battle, BATTLE. So hard, and i'm not even ther yet! not to say i'm not ready....

~Chris Griffinhaven, Adept Pyromancer~

Jan 18, 2009
I hate Marleybone! I think it is the worst world not just because of the sidewalks, but because it is a city life. If you look at that world and all the others, Marleybone is the worst! I cant even make it to bosses in one piece. Even if I have ZERO potions. I think somebody should start a Petition to add sidewalks because Wizard 101 Does not check these forums. If they did, there would already be sidewalks!

Whose With me!

Joshua Shadowrider :x
(Level 27, Marleybone Hater)

Feb 21, 2010
I agree. I've just arrived at Marleybone, and I absolutely loved Regent's Square and its quests, but Hyde Park is a nightmare. It took me four days (no joke) to get to Mrs. Conrail because my computer was lagging every time I got stuck in a battle, so I'd have to flee or close the window. I'm stuck in almost a neverending cycle because every time I get out of a battle, I'm sucked into another. At least give either the easier or harder areas sidewalks.
Another thing that bothers me is that I'll get sucked into a duel either WHILE I'M LOGGED OFF or while I'm looking at my spellbook. That happens in every world for me, however.

Please, just think about what I've said.

Victoria Dragonwraith

Jun 04, 2010
I agree. I will always be running into a boss but then my character turned around and ran to a fight its so annoying!

Apr 18, 2010
its true marleybone should have sidewalks. but i just stay close to the walls

May 09, 2009
carterma wrote:
there are no sidewalks in marleybone because it happens on rooftops. When's the last time you saw sidewalks on roofs? Just learn how to navigate around the monsters. Take your time, watch their movement patterns. Will you get sucked into unwanted battles sometimes? Yes, that's part of the game.

I fully agree with you, MB doesn't need sidewalks and you only get caught a few times when getting to bosses. If you can handle them when killing them for a quest, you can handle fighting them from getting caught. good luck to all you people making it through MB! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Jan 29, 2009
DanielThunderFlame... wrote:
its true marleybone should have sidewalks. but i just stay close to the walls
me too

Dec 21, 2009
peachtheferret wrote:
hi, destiny here. i was wondering: why is MB the only place without sidewalks? WC, DS, krok, and even mooshu have sidewalks, but in marleybone you have to deftly dodge rats cats and gearheads while making your way to a boss fight! WHY? you could at least put a bunch of wooden planks on the side!

its a roof

Oct 11, 2009
hey, in GH u cant even say there is some type of sidewalk! u just hav 2 stay near the wall!!!

Aug 04, 2010
Well, this does get annoying for me, a fourteen year old being lazy and impulsive :) , but I also agree that this will be a good lesson in other worlds as well. So be prepared when you go out on the rooftops {wich I think would be weird if it had sidewalks} and be sure you have your potions full, spells that will get rid of enimies quickly, and it would help even more if you had a friend or two! This, I hope, will help with this "problem", but I, personally, rather enjoy the exictment and sneakyness that comes with Marlybone. It's fitting, and it makes sence.


May 10, 2009
i am tired of getting into battle while on a quest in marleybone. I have had marleybone for a while now and i hate getting dragged into battle :x

Caroline Liferiver
level 32 life

Mar 28, 2009
Nov 12, 2009
Well it happens, a lot, (getting into a battle) but just get used to it, that's what I did. XD