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Marleybone Movements

Jan 29, 2009
I'm not sure what update did this but now instead of running down the middle of the roofs, we now run on the outer edges.

This is one of the worst ideas I have seen for a while (including the removal of the original crown gear). Given the lag already existing in MB, this just adds to the frustration of getting around. It was easy when you had to run down the middle but this is just silly. I got into a 20 minute terminal battle with spiders because I couldn't get far enough onto the edge.

KI, please change MB back to where you run down the middle instead of on the edges. If you insist on us running the edges, give us a little leeway like the other worlds.

Tristan Dragonhead Grandmaster Diviner
Tristan Dragonsmith Lvl 29 Conjurer