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marleybone information

Oct 19, 2008
ok marlebone is like a british place but with dogs, cats, toads, rats, mice, and Malistair. Well it is After krokatopia. At the Marleybone museum their are things from krokatopia. the last thing you do in maleybone is the big ben. it is a long and hard activity if you want to go to mooshu.at the last level of big ben you see a white cat a rat malitair (who ports away when you see him) and another hard cat. Big ben is in the museum. The first baloon ride that you can go on is to hyde park. maleybone is fun hard and interesting. If you are Life, myth, fire or ice you will have most problems because most monsters can resist those spells. if you like dogs cats rats mice toads and baloon rides then you belong in marleybone.
thank you for listening my wizard name is Isaac Dragon Dreamer i am a leavle 37 i am life and my favorite colar is brown. you will see me wear a lot a brown.LOL. Marleybone is made for leavles 25-38 if you are less or higher than that you are lost!