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Marleybone Hat Shop- Judgement

Mar 14, 2009
Marleybone Hat Shop- Judgement
Where is the Judgement Hat from Marleybone Hat shop!

Back in March when i played it was either the Judgement shoes or the hat and when i checked back today it was gone!

Why just when i had the gold its gone. And yes i checked all hat and shoe shops
and it is gone. Please someone tell me where i can get the judgement equip.
(note: i am not a balance school) that is why i want it. :-P

Re: Marleybone Hat Shop- Judgement
Back in March, Zeke moved, found new clothing suppliers and changed out his inventory.

Prospector Zeke has a new Location in Wizard City!

If you head to Olde Town looking for olde Zeke, you'll find that he's moved up in the world and has a new cart in the Wizard City Commons! He has streamlined his inventory, and retired all the items he used to sell. He has some new suppliers now so we should see his selection changing much more frequently in the future.

Just like the old Zeke items, you can also purchase these new items from the regular shopkeeps for gold.