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Marleybone Graphics Plz Help

Feb 14, 2009
Well I went to Marleybone and decided to go to hyde park. However when I got there I had Major Lag so I decided to switch to wu Server. But the same thing happened and it got worse and the screen went white. I don't have any problems with Krokotopia or Wizard City so can someone plz tell me what's wrong? I really want to start Marleybone.

Dec 25, 2008
Interesting.... I knew there was another reason that I disliked Marleybone. I did have serious lag in that world. It constantly made it difficult to get through the streets. Because of the lag, I was always being pulled into battles. I even found out that when I was walking down a street, not to pull up the map. If I could memorize the map and where I was, I had a lot less chance of being pulled in. I'm going to check to see if I do notice a difference in the different worlds. I'm only up to Mooshu now but I just went to Marleybone to get rid of some old quests and noticed that problem again. I have not had that problem anywhere else.

Scarlet Windwalker Level 37 Storm/Life
Tatiana Soulgem Level 25 Death/Myth
Keira Firegem Level 15 Fire/Death