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Marleybone graphics Plz Help

Feb 14, 2009
I just arrived in Marleybone and went to hyde park. I got on the boat and went there. However when I took my first step and started walking, everything turned white and there was major lag. I was in ambrose which was a populated realm so I switched to Wu. But i still can't do anything. I try logging in and out and nothing happens. Does anyone know what's happening?

Jan 18, 2009
i know whats happening !
i have the same problem too but when i first enter the game i see only white boxex everywhere all the worlds and all around and i cannot hardly type or battle.

i did not fix this yet but what i did id tell this game until i get a response in my email.

To tell this problem go to help and support on the icon in this website and post your question there until you get an answer in your mail . ;)

May 09, 2009
I found myself having a very similar problem in Hyde park every time I go there. The solution that I found which works the best is before you get on the ballon ride to Hyde Park make sure you turn off your quest helper and your compass. Don't know why but it helps.

You may have a more difficult time getting around to do your quests just always remember the 'm' key is your friend.