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Marleybone = Arthur Conan Doyle?

Jun 10, 2009
I'm sure everyone can see the connection between Sherlock Bones and Watson, and the Sherlock Holmes stories. But I realized that the entire world of Marleybone is a spoof on those stories!!!!!
Here, I'll show you:
Meowiarty, the boss of MB, is similar to Moriarty, Holmes's archnemesis

MB is a London-ish world, and many of the Holmes stories take place in London.

The inhabitants of MB, dogs, could be from the black dog in The Hond of the Baskervilles, except a lot nicer.
See the similarities? Has anyone else noticed these?
William Crowthistle Legendary Pyromancer
"Shine On...."

May 20, 2010
That whole world is a takeoff of an area of London. For that matter, most of the game is a takeoff on some British thing or another.

Marleybone itself is an anagram of Marylebone, an area of London, where the fictional Holmes lived (221B Baker Street). Digmoore station is a homonym for Wigmore Station (76 Marylebone Drive). Barkingham Palace is obvious. Many of the names of the characters are plays on words for well-known real-life people.

Oct 11, 2009
Nicitas wrote:
But I realized that the entire world of Marleybone is a spoof on those stories!!!!!

I wouldn't say spoof. They are just REALLY clever puns.

Like how the Samurai cows are called Samoorai. And like the Quest where you have to find a WC Guard named Private O'Ryan. The Quest name is "Saving Private O'Ryan", which is like the movie Saving Private Ryan. Also, Krokopatra is a takeoff of Cleopatra.

See what I mean? Just puns.