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Marelybone bugs and other suggestions

May 23, 2009
I have no idea why but when I first started the world I got the little bubbles that told me where everything was now they are gone.

Also my quest helper (Which I wouldn't need if I still had the bubbels) keeps turning off by it's self. Why it that?

And lastly as a bug I noticed that all my high end spells seems to have a much higher fizzle rate in this world.

Suggestions: (These mostly have become a problem in this world because of the bad guys are tougher thus I can't afford as many mess ups especially if they aren't mine particularly.)

Smart Cards!
If I am the only one in a duel on my team I shouldn't have to pick the card then myself.
If I am only fighting one enemy (No matter how many started) I shouldn't have to pick then after I pick an offensive card (Even non attacks).
Also I have used what would normaly be AOE spells which attack multiple enemies. When I use these spells sometimes the enemy I put them on gets killed then not only does my spell not happen it takes my pips anyways.
I can understand a programing bug that makes it think the spells is specifically cast on that enemy and not happening. But to take my pips anyways when it doesn't?

The best way to do this is to not have to assign a multi hit spell. Whats even the point?

The programing for most of this is in place because when you hit a self healing sprite it doesn't ask me to assign it. We just need that to be updated a bit more to include any card which has only a single potential target.

Then just make sure the multi hit spells are not enemy dependent. If they do stay that way then at least don't steal the pips for a spell that never happened didn't even get a chance to fiz and let me keep the pips that way.

Thank you.