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lvl 38 and have not beat marleybone is it bad

Jul 09, 2010
I am level 38 and I just finished the quest in they iron works. Please reply I am concerned.
See you in the spiral friends.

Feb 01, 2011
Relax, I am a level 39 and I am not even close! I still haven`t done the Ironworks! Just focus on leveling up, and getting more powerful gear. (Try the Bazaar) :-D

Sep 28, 2010
I'm level 38 and im fighting spike in big ben. If you want to i'll help you through it its got to be easier with a group of people.

====alexander mooncaster

Jan 09, 2011
dude i was lvl 43 befor i got out of marlybone but i did do all the quest andi was lvl 38 when i got there

Feb 24, 2009
My friend is level 41 and still in krok, dont worry. She will be lvl 70 by the time she finishes marleybone, LOL!

Jun 21, 2010
Hey im still level 36 and about to be 37 don't worry about it one of my friends are level 48 and still in mb. For me whats weird is that ms is easier for me and the only reason i know that is because my friends need help there.

Feb 01, 2011
I am only on Level 40 and I am only on the Ironworks! It is fine, it just means that you have more health and will not get defeated as easy as if you were, say, Level 27.

May 17, 2011
i didn't beat that world until i was about level 40. don't worry. adjust your battle style if you think you take to long. example: a life wizard with only a few attack spells in their deack and heals 24/7. might want to change that myself...

Jun 11, 2010
Well, you probably will hit high levels before MooShu is done and overwith, but that's no problem. In fact some could consider that an advantage.

May 17, 2009
Dont worry, when i was lvl 38 i was just starting MB, when i was done i had a lvl like a person in DS :D

See ya in the spiral!

P.S. Sorry this is late.

Mar 18, 2012
Don't worry at all buddy, I am level 41 and still have to tackle Kensington Park which is so so tough. I went to do it the other night. I usually do dungeons alone but my friend told me it was really rough and he was higher level so I brought a magus necromancer friend and a grandmaster sorcerer friend with me. Well, let's just say we gave up. It is a place where the battles you just get pulled into are three on one, rank 5 elite or 6 I can't remember with 2000 health or something. So we had four of them against three. We were fine, yeah, but there is no quest helper to find the actual bosses, you gotta find them yourself and they float about among the normal battle guys so we kept getting pulled in (it sucks you in, I was so careful you would not believe and I had my broom mount which is best imo for not getting pulled in) and eventually just got peeved and gave up. I am just waiting to build up the motivation to do it again because I hate Marleybone. Also, we were actually killed a number of times and were switching between healing/fleeing and porting back (entering dungeon then porting else wouldn't work) and this was just the side battles. It is a nightmare I can't wait to have it over with. I might call on some transcended friends just to do it quickly. Just to give anyone who hasn't done it yet a heads up.

Oct 22, 2011
With my first wizard, I didn't do Kensington Park until I was level 50-something. I wanted to make sure I had the spells and gear to be able to complete it.

The best advice I can give is .... to be patient when you get there. Stick to the sides as much as you can to avoid being pulled into battles. If you're pulled in, flee, then go back in asap.

To find the bosses, you need to use your map quite often. If you don't have friends that can help you out, use a low-level LIFE henchman (level 40 or 50, which doesn't use a lot of crowns). The henchman will provide you with health, while you battle the bosses.

I was able to complete Kensington Park by myself with my Ice wizard at level 41. It is possible to do it yourself, it's not going to be easy depending on what level or what type of wizard you are.

Good luck!