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Lost Main questline

May 22, 2009
As soon as I got into Marleybone I talked to the people it said I needed to talk to: The private, the mayor, then the postman. The postman was having me do all these things where I had to deliver supplies to private dogs in krokotopia. I finally finished all of that, and in the last quest I talked to the postman i got around 1600 exp and it said i recieved an envolpe. No idea where it is in my inventory or what to do with it, or what purpose it has. After completing that though, it started tracking some old sidequest in Krokotopia, or it looked like it did. I'm pretty sure the quest it's tracking now isn't the main questline and the Postman didn't tell me to talk to anyone to give me another quest!

I have no idea what is the main questline anymore! Please help :(

thank you if you can