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LF Help - Meowiarty fight in Big Ben

Nov 06, 2009
I've tried to defeat the Big Ben set of fights 5 times now with no luck. I bought potions from the Crown shop but in the end (Meowiarty) I just keep losing my minion & then being defeated.

My Death wiz is 37 with Ice up to Tower Shield & Storm for the rest for secondary.

I live in Australia and when I normally play at night there is almost no-one on my realm.

I'm playing to help my daughter level up, she is currently lvl 19 and we are working though Krok but I think it will be a while until she gets to Marelybone.

8:00pm my time is 3:00am LA time. I play on the weekends as well & I'm happy to switch realms to do the fight.


Feb 01, 2011
Ok, first, you should do all your side quests, and level up a few times. By the way, as you keep playing you just get more strategic. Then go to the Bazaar and get the biggest deck you can find. (Sell your old one.) Then go try again at stupid Meowiarty.

(Oh and KI, I LOVE how you based each world on a different scenario. Sherlock Bones, Meowiarty, Krokopatra. LOVE IT!!!)

See you in the Sprial!
Cheyenne GriffinCaller Level 51, Myth.

Nov 06, 2009
We did it! There were a few moments that were tough when my daughter was reduced to 0 health & had to wait for me to heal her but we got through!

Much easier with 2, even when the 2nd was only lvl 19 - not spilling the milk bottles made it quicker to get to the top & then a few lucky card pops and it was done on the first run.