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Level 33 NOT in Marlybone

Dec 16, 2010
To get to Marleybone, you must complete Krokotopia first. Once Shalek The Wise earns your trust, you can defeat Krokotep by going into a (hard) dungeon. Then you will get 3 scarabs. Go back to the Oasis and talk to Hetch Al Dim. He will give you the last scarab. Getting to the Tomb of Storms is quite hard . You need to activate 3 obelisks. Click X to activate them. Then walk back to the platform. If you're patient, teleporter will appear. Walk in to it. Then you'll be at The Tomb Of Storms Island. You do not have to do (hardly) anything! Just walk the the Spirit of Krokotep. He's turned nice and will help you get to Krokopatra, the final boss. Before long, you should defeat her! She's awfully weak for a final boss, only 1,200 hit points! Defeat her, go back to the Oasis, and talk to Seargent Major Talbot. He will give you a Marleybone Spiral Key! Just go in the Spiral Chamber and go to Marleybone :). It's my favorite world. I'm currently wandering around Moo Shu and it's BORING!