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level 25 dungen

Jul 24, 2012
For some reason the level 25 dungen is unbeatable. Me and someone else teyed it and was defeated every time. Please help

Oct 09, 2011
The level 25 dungeon isn't in Marleybone, it's in Krokotopia, so either this is in the wrong place, or you meant the level 40 dungeon.

It's not unbeatable, it's just hard. You'll probably need a full team of four to complete it, and having someone know what's happening in each fight may also be helpful. Here are guides for the level 25 and 40 dungeons:


Dec 19, 2010
Best thing to do is wait a few levels before doing it. What I do is if I unlock a dungeon while questing in a world I will finish up the world then run by the dungeon before moving on to the next world. If you are level 25 you are most likely in Marleybone or Krokoptopia finish up that world for xp then go try the dungeon again! Don't worry the gear in these dungeons normally are still good even if you level up a few times. I have received level 30 gear in the dungeon so the gear should still feel rewarding to you. I hope this helps and good luck in the dungeon!