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Knights Court, find the evidence

Jun 07, 2010
ok so Im in knights court in marleybone, it tells me to do a quest called "gimme a hand" and Im supposed to FIND EVIDENCE IN KNIGHTS COURT....now I follow my quest arrow and it leads to NOTHING but thin air.

I have scoured the MB forums and found no solution, not even refighting Jaques in the clock tower. I even tried switching realms...but I cannot figure what I am supposed to do. Is this a bug, or a glitch or what, obviously other people have solved this so could someone please tell me what to do, otherwise Im flat out stuck in MB forever......

thankyou in advance

Jul 04, 2009
Open up your quest log and find that quest. Click on the "?" in the upper left area of the quest and reread just what it is you are suppose to do. If the arrow guide isn't helping you any, call up the Map ("M") and find where you need to go.

Jun 07, 2010
ok, after scouring the internet for most of the day, I found on Wiki answers, that you go back to AMY BROOKS PLACE AND REKILL THE MONSTERS...
they will drop a glove with the initials JJ...that is your evidence...

now we know...hope that helps anyone that needs to know