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knights court black widow boss

Apr 12, 2009
does anyone else agree with me that he always is using absorb and i am having a hard time defeating him. can anyone help

David SkullHammer magus thauamaturge level 30

Try adding a couple of vampire Treasure Cards to your stock. Drain spells such as Ghoul and Vampire ignore the Absorb shield and go around it.

Mar 05, 2009
If you're an ice wizard, the Steal Ward quest spell is great against Absorb shields.

Gee, Ms. Spider, you want to Absorb all my damage? *steals ward* Ha Ha, thanks for the protection!

(PS Drain spells ignore my Ice Armor too.)

Feb 10, 2009
The black widow boss is kind cool the black widow is a funny boss its black and red and it shots webs at you like some one is spiting at you fighting the black widow is a little i lose 4 times but one day i got some friends to help me out and i wil and completed my quest i was so happy i turn into level 25 Now to find the black its flew blocks away but not too far but look out some enemys might guard the tower you might have to walk slow :? the black widow is big its body is shape as a pice of ham :-D :-P 8) ;) The werid thing is the black widow is a girl it saw to my children its crazy So the black widow is the powerful boss in knights court well don't tell your family about this don't don't don't ;) :-P :-D :-) :-) So the black widow thinks its ready to battle all wizards be ready get really good at do your best get some friends i don't care help your self and stop that black widow do it now now now now now! We are wizards not weak people get your brain ready too don't be by your self team up get friends stop the black widow and work hard never lose its about us not the black widow stop her its teamwork! And wow ;) Its wizards its a job to work on do and be a super powerful wizard!