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Knights Court

Aug 11, 2008
While doing the quests in Knights COurt, I am supposed to locate the crates. The issue is not locating the crates but when I do they will not let show that I found them, The box is not coming up telling to hit the X. This is a quest stopper, Can we look in to this and resolve the issue?

Jul 19, 2008
I had the same issue happen, but not all crates were bugged.

I had a couple that let me pick up, but most wouldn't give prompt to press X. I ended up switching from Ambrose to Wu and then the crates there were fine.

In short, if all the crates on the realm you're on are bugged, try a different one and they'll probably be working.

Aug 11, 2008
I was ablt to get 2 crates, But the only way I could get the rest was to go out of the world and then back in or log off and then back in, And then I was able to get the rest of them