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KI completly changed marlybone

May 29, 2009
KI has completly changed all of marlybones quests :D

What i measn by this is that all quest goals are now divided in half. For example: Their was a quest to defeat 8 giant spiders but now it has been choped down to defeating 3 giant spiders. So the quests are still the same but the objectives have been reduced to a fair amount. Also the counterweights have been chopped in half. Instead if players defeating five floors of enemies just to reach the room with the levers; players will now apear in the section with the levers.

Now this should quiet the players posting how long Marlybone is or how hard it is.

May 22, 2009
Wow. They made something else easier! It wasnt even hard! This is just showing how wizard101 is seriously listening to its characters, and since most of those characters are complaining just to complain, look what happens! This make absoloutly no sense in my opinion.

Feb 14, 2009