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Kensington bug possibly???......

Feb 18, 2009
Good morning Professors,
I have a question for you or any other student that might actually know the true answer. I had the pleasure of three others helping me with the Kensington quest a few nights ago and after 3 1/2 hours, we all finally finished the quest...or I at least think I did.

See what happened is that more than once I was defeated. I had the most health and was the highest level out of the four of us so I took the lead (after the agreement of such) and roamed the streets on my own and had everyone port to me when I got to the next place we were suppose to go and I would take the first spot in the battles to take the most damage. Let me tell ya, even on my own this was hard in Kensington especially since the minions criss-crossed the streets!!!....

Anyways, let me get to my point. I had been defeated and ported back to my friend who also had this same exact quest. Her and I did this several times back and forth. On the very last battle boss I was defeated right before the boss was (literally right before, his hit took me out, the next students hit took him out). I asked my fellow students to wait for my return before leaving the room so I could possibly get the credit. Well, it SEEMS that I got the credit but I am not sure. What I mean is that the quest is no longer in my quests log but at the same time, since I was defeated before the boss, I don't know if the credit was given to me or not? The police dog that sent me in there did not talk to me like he did my friend who was also doing that same exact quest. She got the EXP for the quest and drops but I did not. But now like I said, I don't have this quest in my log book and I can't go back into Kensington by talking to the ticket lady and when I walk over to the air ship to go there, there are no lights lit up for me to go back in. I have even tried going in with another party who had the quest after this to see if I could redo this just to make sure but now it won't let me in their with anyone else either, even when I try just porting in to them.

Can you tell me if I actually got credit for this quest or not? Also, can you tell me why it won't let me back in to help those who originally helped me?

Thanks for the help

Yours truly and confused,
Hunter SilverHeart

Jul 12, 2008
I can't answer why you aren't able to re-enter. Whether you finish it or not, you should be able to re-enter. You don't need another ticket, you should just be able to stand on the sigil and press X. You should probably submit this as a bug since it shouldn't matter if you completed the area.

I do not recall ever talking to anyone at the completion of Kensington. It's been a couple of weeks so I could be forgetting, but since Kensington is an optional area, I just really don't remember having to talk to anyone at the end. It isn't necessary to finish Kensington to progress in the main storyline.

As far as how to know if you got the credit for completing the area... the quest will leave your log as soon as you leave the instanced area since it is a non-essential part of the game, so that is no indicator. To my knowledge, the only way to tell if you got credit is to see if you have the badge, "Machine Master" in your badge book. If you have the badge, you got the credit. If you don't have the badge, you didn't. I completed Kensington twice and the drops were horrible... the only benefit to completing it was to get that badge. If you got the badge, wear it with pride (even if you did get defeated)! It's a difficult badge to earn.

Sep 11, 2008
Wow! I don't really know how to answer you, but Gamma or a Prof. should have answered this by now, but I will just TRY to answer. Well, I just started getting the quest for it and I have never really tried doing the quest, but I dont think that is a storyline quest. If you're a storm student and want a new spell then you should do it, but it's not required to continue on the game. I had the same problem except it showed up on my Quest Log. I was going to kill Agony Wraith with a friend and I lost all of my health since he didn't heal me since he was afk for half of the battle. Anyway, in the middle he joined in before I was dead with about 60 health, I died still and ported out. And ported back in. Then, we beat him, but it said I have to do it again. So you don't really have to do it it's just for a new storm spell and some xp I think. But that's what I heard about Kensington.
So you see you don't really have to do it at all. Just keep doing the storyline.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Destiny MistGem
Ice lvl 33

Destiny MistFist
Storm lvl 7

Dec 09, 2008
Well, the only quest for Kensington is going in then just as like other instances they give you a quest that will leave if you leave. I am not sure if you got the credit though.

Jan 29, 2009
If you got the Machine Master badge, you made it through this quest. If not, you will have to do it again.