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Katzenstein's Lab and Katzenstein's Robe

Dec 13, 2008
Hi, I just have a quick question to ask people about the dungeon Katzenstein's Lab. I have been recently farming for his robe called Katzenstein's Robe. I have easily done the dungeon over 35+ times and still have had no luck .
I'm soloing it with my lvl 74 fire, and have almost LITERALLY gotten everything else that he drops. Can someone please explain to me why this is happening? Is there a Bug in the game or something? Did they take it out? I don't really know since there's not that much information over this piece of gear on the internet. Please reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time.

Jul 18, 2010
Drops as you heard are completely random. Its no glitch just your luck. If you wish to get it still just keep trying Good luck i really hope you get it soon!!!

Apr 21, 2012
I think you can buy the robe in the store in Old Town.

Mar 12, 2013
Katzenstein's Robe is a No-Auction item so you will have to earn it.

Keep farming, it will happen. This is how I got the full suit of crowns gear from Nightshade's tower back in the day - just keep getting people in there to help you enrich the drops and set up the kills. It may take you a dozen runs a day for a couple weeks to get the drop.

I am interested in helping out, so I can get more lab equipment furniture items (voltmeters, oscilloscopes, programmed electrical pulsatron consoles, etc).

Jul 21, 2012
you really need to help me with that dungeon. If you are lvl 74 fire crunkatog you hould help me.

Mar 12, 2013
Sure, brb in a few weeks, let me just level my fire wizard to level 74.

(It was my friend helping me the other day in Ken Park, who is the high level fire.)

If you're serious about farming Dr Katz, let me know. But by the time you get that far in MB you may want to simply move on to Mooshu, and not delay your leveling any further.