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Katz Lab

Jun 09, 2010
After successfully beating Sunken City I managed to finally beat Katz Lab tonight in Marleybone. Nice winning streak!! After relaxing and getting the aggravation out of my system I went back in determined to beat it tonight. I did what one players suggested. "Look" for the chimneys first. It worked like a charm. I got into the lab and beat katz. Now I am on my new mission and almost done with marlybone. (I had quit once already because I was aggravated over not being able to find all the chimneys.)

I finished up one of the counterweight dungeons tonight as well. I have to say was easy up till I got to the big boss and his minion. They caught me off guard. I focused on killing the minion expecting him not to be there if I got killed off. Boy was I wrong!!!!!!! He regenerated and was there with the big boss!!!. Not only did this make it hard, but the big boss really did put out some nasty spells!!! After dying twice on the third try I managed to take them both out without dying. In the end he was no match for me!!! hehehe!!!

At least now I know what to expect in the next dungeon. I won't go spouting off at the mouth bragging how easy it is till I beat the next boss!!!! Then after that my last mission before I head on to mooshu. I hear that one is twice as hard as Marlybone. I likely will maybe try and find a group to join when I get that high up in the chain.