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Kat's Lab

Jun 19, 2009
Seems to be some problems in Kat's lab right now.

Okay, earlier, I was helping someone in there, and we just got the Sun-Bird-Tree-Bug Door Combination, for the Locked Door Task.

Then, when I checked the Map, there was no reference on where to go next. And all the Quest Arrow showed was to defeat Dr. Kat. I looked at the clue reference, and got a question mark and nothing but " ... " as the clue.

When I tried to play the dialogue, the game hung and I needed to forcibly exit with the help of the Task Manager, which showed W101 as "Not Responding".

Then, a while ago I got the Kat's Lab Run as my own quest.

I talked to Watson, and he tells me to go after Clanker thru' the door. And there is no other place to go in here right now.

I get to the door, and it is closed, even tho' the arrow shows that's the way to go.

I had to abort and forget about it for now. :(