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Is this lucky or what?

Jun 11, 2010
I had tried a couple times to defeat the Agony Wraith (as you know from my previous posts) but failed miserably. One day I thought I might stand around and see if anybody came to defeat him so I could tag along and help. Well I go into the game and a Fire wizard who seems to be about my level is standing there and says "Can you help me?" I say "Yes." and we both go in and defeat the Agony Wraith. Talk about lucky!

Oct 24, 2009
Oh that's lucky of you! I am lucky sometimes with Insane bolt. They never hit me haha. Is the Wraith in Newgate Prison? If it is, I JUST defeated him! Myself, well I got help in the end when I was about to die because I kept fizzling! (I'm a storm wizard)

I soloed and killed the boss but I kept getting hurt by the minion. I fizzled around 9 times with kraken. haha. Lucky boy. have a lucky day

Sep 19, 2009