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Is there only one way to get an evil snowman pet?

Jun 25, 2009
I have been working myself off at the ironworks just to get to pops o` leary because he is the boss that gives you a chance to win an evil snowman pet. I don`t want to do the whole ironworks quest just to have a slim chance at getting the evil snowman pet. Is there another boss i can beat for a chance to get the evil snowman pet? Can i buy one at bazaar? Please reply cause i have been trying for a long time and i really really really want the evil snowman pet.

I am Brian Iceshard. A ice wizard at level 33. Thanks for helping. :-D

May 19, 2009
you can buy one at the bazaar, if they happen to have one at the tme.

But there are also 2 boss's that drop a evil snowman pet, one gives a card and the other one doesnt

Pops O'Leary- ironworks
Jacques the Scratcher- knights court

May 26, 2009
I dont know another way to get one other thatn deafeat pops o leary,
but yes you can buy them in the bazzar for around 5000 gold.
Hope this helped :-D

Oct 14, 2009
Actually, one of those Evil Snowmen doesn't give any cards, and the other "gives 0 cards." :? My Ice wizard actually got it on his first run through the Ironworks. But anyway, I'll need to do the Ironworks on my Balance wizard too pretty soon, tell me if you want help!