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is marleybone a good land?

Jun 25, 2008
i have herd marleybone is strange. always night, lot's of cats and dogs in frilly dresses, dringing tea. it is a lot like london, right? rats running around too. i am NOT looking forward to this world :-( . plz, if there is anyway you can convince me to like this world, plz tell me. i want to know the pros to this world. please!

Dec 21, 2008
well, you are right about all the things you said, and YES it is like london, except animals.instead of people, etc.marley is a big world athat is always night,it may seem to be a pain, and it is a little because of the instances SCREAM! but still very fun once you get used to it! i highly think you bring a friend for hyde park, and challenge chelsea court alone,hyde park is about getting around, and chelsea puts you to the test, so be prepared so hard! i am joking :-) be prepared :-)

Dec 02, 2008
Marleybone is the start of the areas where you have to be careful when moving around in order to avoid mobs. In some ways, it's a throwback to the old console games where mobs moved along fixed routes, and if you didn't run into them, they wouldn't care about you, either.

If you skipped Sunken City and Tomb of the Beguiler, then presumably you'll skip Kensington, too, but Marleybone will still provide your first real combat challenge. Counterweight West is a good deal harder than anything on the main storyline that came before it. It's handily soloable as any class, but if you're careless about combat and haven't really learned how to fight properly, you may get stuck there.

Feb 18, 2009
Just to get prepared for the fight, is Kensington just as long as the Tomb of the Beguiler and Sunken City? I've done both of those two Instance Levels and I could not believe how very long they actually were. I found them impossible to pass without a friend helping and want to know if I need to schedule up the friends help again for that Instance??

Can you please advise....

Hunter SilverHeart

Sep 25, 2008
Personally, I prefer worlds with side walks.

The positives, it has flowers, animals and a possibility of a pet drop since there is no pet shop. So far I haven't got a pet drop, but I collected pets from other places.

On my first wizard a fire character, Mary Windstrider, I got a fire bird drop from helping my friend in Mooshu, I'm now carrying my lava spider around that I got from Zeke. Since I got sick of my fire bird. I don't know if carrying a pet that isn't rare increases the pet drop chance or not.

For me it looked like it did as on my life wizard Emma EmeraldHunter I got a dark fairy as I only had storm beetle pet. Or they drop pets according to your school type.

Aug 20, 2008
Marleybone is my favorite world. I really like the scenery, music and storyline. Just remember that most of the time you have to walk in the middle of the streets. Have a wand that has those weak, 0 pip spells becasue most of the enemies have weakness.

Aug 19, 2008
I find Marlybone a nice change after all the sand in Krokotopia.

You may get flustered when you first arrive...the above are correct about running the rooftops. There is some excellent advice here in the forums. Three basic rules for running rooftops:
1) watch the goons before you run...they do walk in a pattern
2) the safe area is down the middle of the roof (but the goons will make U-turns in weird spots (which is no problem if you followed rule 1)
3) caution as you start out or reach your destination (that is when they are most likely to be making those u-turns.

We tend to do the main story-line quests first, picking up the side quests as we go. Then after big ben, we go back and do the side quests because by then many of them are similar and you can knock them out faster.

Marlybone is a fun place to play.

The bonus...now that more people are on wizard you actually can find others there on the same task!

Jun 25, 2008
thanks guys, i just got to marleybone yesterday, and it is neat, don't like the music much, but it is neat to fell like you are a city with sooo meny people, not like krok, where just about all the people there are goons :-D

P.S. i love the blimp rids! 8)

mike scullblood lvl27 death/myth

Sep 11, 2008
It is a lot like London because it is in London. Exept I think it's just in another dimention. The WIZARD dimention with magical creatures and such. Dogs, mice, rats, or cats aren't so magical in real life, but in the WIZARD dimention they are because they can TALK.


( That doesn't mean I am on their side on W101. Why would I want to be a friend that does crimes. LOL! But i still like them in rl! Btw, CATS RULE! )

Destiny MistGem
lvl 33

lvl 8 ( low lvl, right? )