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Is katzensteins lab required to finish mbone?

Jul 14, 2009
Well i did katzensteins lab and i went afk for a little bit when i came back everyone was gone. i was already on the katzenstein battle but they said the instance was full so i fled. The puppets are annoying because of there shields so i dont feel like doing katzensteins lair. so can finish marleybone without doing katzenstiens lair?

May 31, 2009
yes you must do the lab, finishing the lab sends you to the museum so you can to the two counterweights and finally big ben, so you can finally get out of marleybone. my suggestion have full potions find some myth guys and kill everything that moves, by the time my myth character got the quest I just loaded up on frogs,shields blades, and heals and walked down the street. don`t forget the big guy at the end he is worth a badge and it would be a waste to have to do it again.

Nov 01, 2009
No you must do Katz lair. Once you beat Katz you will get sent to Watson and Watson will tell you to go to Royal Museum to do Counterweight East/West then go to Big Ben, Meowiarty's Hideout then once you defeat meowiaty off to Mooshu