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Feb 10, 2011
Hi All,

I finished the chain of quests in Ironworks & handed them in. On my first sidetrip back there (I think to collect five boxes) when i got off the balloon thingy it poped up that I had a new quest to talk to Baxter. I thought it strange so i did the first few & they are exactly the same as the original lot that I had already finished.

I know if you leave a Dungeon you have to start again but I completely finished the first chain & didnt leave the dungeon with them uncompleted.

So my questions are (the first one that poped up when I got off the plane was called No Entry). Are they the same lot of quests? Do I have to do them again? Is it a bug? Or am I compeltely wrong & the quests are new ones?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers :-)

Dec 08, 2009
Maybe you forgot to talk to the character in the dungeon one last time. Ironworks isn't my most memorable dungeon; I don't remember much from it. It sounds strange though. You might not have a choice to do it again, and until you get a quest to talk to someone outside the ironworks, don't leave because you are not done :) If it is baxter in the dungeon, have you tried speaking to him OUTSIDE of the dungeon?

Hope you find your solution! Best of luck to you :)

Aug 06, 2010
If you have done Ironworks once all the way through before - you should be fine. It's just that anytime you go back, the dungeon has reset itself and it looks like a new quest back in your book.

Say for instance you are done with Ironworks a week ago - and is no longer in your quest book. Then you realize you forgot the stray cat. When you go back in - it will start again with "no entry" and you gotta talk to Baxter like a fresh quest. It is the same set of quests. The cat is with the final boss so you would have to do it all over again to the end.

However, if you are there to get crates or kill some sweepers, just ignore the "no entry" quest... get what you need and leave. It will disappear from your quest book when you leave.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
As the Ironworks is one of those dungeons that you may do more than once for Experience, it will ask you if you wish to do the quest again. If you do, just go ahead and follow the questline. If not, just ignore and do the sidequest you are on and there are no problems.

Jan 12, 2011
Hi there, I went through the Baxter stuff in Ironworks and could not find the cat. I looked all around in the room that had Pops in it. Am I missing something? I got all my other cats for that quest except for that one. I went through with Baxter a second time and still didn't find it. Help please?