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I'm stuck in marley bone

Sep 28, 2009
I have done all the quest with the exception of east, west and big ben. I can not do those quest because it will not let me into those areas. What did I do wrong? I would like to finish this world and move onto mooshu. Will someone answer that for me please.

Blake Ashcrafter

Jun 14, 2009
First, did you do the Katzenstein Lab? If not, you have to do that before you are sent to bonez. If you have completed, check your quest log to see if it is still there. Sometimes if the quest helper is turned off, it won't recognized the quest and you will have to repeat it.

You should also go back and make sure you haven't missed anything in the main storyline. This happens a lot.

If you are still having problems, contact tech support and see if they can find out what you missed or if you have a bug. Make sure you include you character's name and usersname.