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I need help with the counter weights

Feb 28, 2009
I need help with ^ i am clueless how many floors they are i get pwned with all full potions i bring max friends and I STILL die! i need help and meet me at the front of royal hall 5/24/10 thru 5/28/10 at 3:30 thru 3:45
OH and one more thing give me advice and tell me your wizards name so i will meet you there.

I have a round mooshu hat samurai robe and some boots idk what set they are in

Hat:Abstract Shroud
Robe:Abstract Vestment
Boots:Abstract Footwraps thx for listening

Jan 01, 2010
I soloed both towers and Big Ben with my balance and storm wizards. The trick is to mark your spot with the teleporter before you enter battle on each floor. If you get defeated, go pick up some life wisps then port back where you left off. If you don't get defeated, DO THE SAME THING: Go and get full life before going into next battle. You may have to pop out a few times but can solo fairly easily.

Also, FYI, when going against more than one enemy, if you defeat one of the enemies then die, when you port back in the one you defeated will be gone. For example, in the final battle against Meowiarty if you defeat the puppet or the wraith before getting defeated, when you go back in, the puppet or wraith won't be there.

Hope that helps!