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I need help with Meowiarty

Sep 11, 2011
OK, I'm a 38 Death wizard, and I've tried to solo Meowiarty four times and failed to defeat him or his Boss level minion. I can't find a group (is there a LFG command?) so any hints or tips would be appreciated.

It seems like poor game design to have an encounter this tough keep you from continuing with this game.

Dec 31, 2009
Okay, since you can't find a group, I say find a friend! I took a level 43 balance with me and everything turned out okay. Choose wisely.
If you must solo this:
-Pack potions! Being a Thaumaturge, I used one on level 14 (no Spike)
-Study! Write down whatever kind of terror is waiting for you on every floor. Also write the lit plaques.
-If someone's going to port, make sure they know that you're the boss on that puzzle. (Except if your partner from the very top of my post wrote the plaques)
-Pack healing treasure cards. I've been through Ben as an Ice/Life and an Ice/Death, both experiences quite different. Let's just say I'm happy I brought Regenerate and my Dragon's Hoard Hat.
-Don't knock over the milk bottles. It will save time and energy. If you're a badge collector.
Since you asked about Meow himself, I always like to have a minion on that level, or to use Polymorph treasure cards. That's just me though.
-In Real Life (irl) friends are always useful.
-Have a good battle strategy. I know a useful way to use Blizzard, my friend her hydra. Keep it going smoothly, but pack other cards as well. My blizzard strategy makes extra damage with Ice Wyvern.
That's everything I know.
Good Luck, Mister/Miss level 38 Death Wiz!
(Beware the milk)
Destiny Soultamer Level 40 Thaumaturge

Sep 11, 2011
Sep 23, 2011
Jan 11, 2011
I am a level 38 myth and had a problem defeating him because of the so many floors. Also I had a level 60 death on my side and we barley defeated him. I just wish there was less floors to finish. :(

Sep 09, 2011
is big ben the last stage of mb. cuz i want to get out!
one thing i always do is find out what shields to use and stuff.
im storm if youre life use a lot of weak attacks to destroy the shields and then use strong attacks.
if ur death use lots of treasur card and choose good amulets and stick to another kind of attacks and lots of friends if ur niether

Sep 16, 2011
you should hire a henchmen or two and stock up on rare treasure cards [ especially the ones you can buy at the baazar].