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i need help whats the best way to lvl up fast

Jun 22, 2009
im a lvl 29 fire and storm wizard i wanna get through mb and to mushu fast can anyone help me out the name is kellerstrong cat catcher

May 20, 2010
Aug 06, 2010
Umm - I really don't get it??? What is the mad rush???

What's with trying to level by skipping quests and getting experience by doing upper dungeons? Eventually it will all level off...

I recently had a "summer project" from my son. He goes on a 2 week vacation and asks me if I can make him a legendary storm while he is gone - LOL!!!

Well I certainly gave it my best effort... all hard work and doing every single quest along the way, after 2 weeks, Alex StormRider is just shy of level 48 and almost to the Labyrinth.

You want to level? Like Colagada said - you have to do the work...

Nov 20, 2008
just do all your quests that's the only fast way to lvl up side quest are really important and you get more stuff to sell by doing them and you even might get some badges so it's a win win