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I don't like Marleybone. Anyone agree?

Oct 17, 2010
Let me start off with this- Marleybone is an essential world to defeat Malistaire. It has an important part in the plot line.

Before you all freak out about me disagreeing, let me tell you- I AGREE with this topic. I hate Marleybone with every atom of my heart, no offense to the creators. I love this game overall, but I hate Marleybone.

The world of proper dogs, gangster cats, stealing mice, a constant dark sky, pollution and NO sidewalks. I agree, sidewalks would look very idiotic on a roof, but I have a suggestion! I would love it if the edges of the roof were widened, thus, allowing us to walk on the edge away from danger. Sometimes I wonder if KI purposely wants us to get caught in fights... -.-

On the other hand, I love every other world, ESPECIALLY Dragonspyre and Grizzleheim! Talk about totally epic worlds there :-D So keep up the good work work KI, and maybe sometimes in the (far) future you could remodel Marleybone...? Thanks for making such a great game.

Kestrel MoonShard
Level 48 Thaumaturge
Working on Celestia and attempting to get Frost Giant :-)

Dec 06, 2010
Ok im really sorry and this might upset some of you Marleybone lovers but i really do not like it. MB is really annoying and hard and im a life wizard it should be easier because i can heal myself but it is soooo not. Im really sorry but i am tired of MB.

Tyler Jadeleaf
Level 31 life wizard who is happy to heal anyone
Meet me at west clocktower place in museum in MB

Dec 06, 2010
I'm really tired of MB. I think its really annoying,but thats just my opinion. I think MB does need sidewalks and needs to have a little bit less quests, I'm still not finished.

Tyler Jadeleaf
Level 31 life wizard
Need help in west clocktower in MB museum

Aug 14, 2009
adriane13 wrote:
fireslash1234 wrote:
I don't like Marleybone at all it needs sidewalks i get caught in battles all the time just if you think you don't like krok wait till you come to this place it is hard

You call Marleybone a hard world? Ha! wait until you see MooShu, Dragonsypre, and Celestia...much harder. So stop complaining!

fireslash1234 says:
I don't mind MB and i just don't like getting in to BATTLES it get's annoying
so i am not complaining just expressing what i think

Dec 05, 2010
I teleported to one of my friends in Marleybone. I love it there! I don't think I'd like it much if it was daytime there. It would be terrible if it was like that. Of course, all of of this is just my opinion!
Also, I previewed the houses in Marley bone. I like those too. The Royal Estate even has a greenhouse. Besides, it costs only 30,000 gold. That's not much compared to some other places.

Dec 04, 2010
Wow, many people complain about having no sidewalks.

Here's a few tricks:

Don't stay to the side, but follow the pathway of the burglars until you get to your goal. Don't be too close to the burglar in front of you or behind you. They go at a constant rate slower than you, so watch out.

Bring friends. Marleybone is challenging, but with the help of friends, you may be able to finish it in a snap.

Jan 26, 2010
Not only does it seem rather boring, it is also annoying and unrealistic. Everywhere you step you unintentionally get pulled into battle. Those plywood bridges make it difficult to maneuver through the rooftops. Also, how unrealistic is Marleybone! One, there are clock towers on top of buildings. How can that architecturally be done? Two, there is a whole prison on top of buildings! Wouldn't you agree that Marleybone would be better if the whole thing was more like regents square? :x :x

Oct 26, 2010
Oct 26, 2010
I dont agree with the sidewalk thing. The people that said ROOFS you are correct. Everything else I hate. Now, I am a level 37 Balance, and everytime I went in a Marleybone boss battle I LOST! except when I go in with friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 24, 2010
i just think MB is a little bit harder than it really needs to be and i think that when your on the rooftops, there should be some thing close to a sidewalk, like a safety area, where if your on it, you have a less likely chance of going into battle. that's just what i think, but i have to agree, MB isn't the best world in Wizard101.

Jul 27, 2010
I love Marlybone so so so so much! i think the hooligans are funny and i love english accents and the dogs have them . Plus i like battling there cause it is so easy and the Stray cats are funny looking and soooooo cute. :D

Nov 17, 2010
I personally do not hate any worlds except so far MB which is mt least favorite because I constantly get pulled in though I like the others.Oh heres somthing ccool I found if you get pulled in wait to your card pull up then click the cwrons shop thing go under houses then you click the magnify glass or preveiw button wait awhile then walk out the door you will be right where you were before this can work anywhere at all hope I helped.

Fiona FairyBreath
Level 36
(almost master!)

Feb 16, 2009
Oh my goodness, this is so hilarious...

All of you guys are pleading to make MB easier, it's just so funny!

It's not hard at all to traverse the rooftops of Marleybone. If you traipse clumsily around, of course you're going to get pulled into battles.

Marleybone was one of my favorite worlds as a young Wizard. I never got pulled into a battle (maybe a couple times, but not enough to rant about it on the forums -_-), the quests were adequately difficult enough for a Wizard of my level, and the music and scenery was breathtaking. I remember saying 'wow' as soon as I saw the interior of the Westminster Abbey and knew that this world would be beautiful, and it was. The steam-punk enemies are still my favorite type of enemy EVER! And with Bloom Active, it'll just keel you over how vivid they are.

Pleading for changes on a world that needs nothing done to it is stupid. Maybe it's not Marleybone that needs to change. Maybe it's YOU that needs to change! I rest my case.

Marcus Drake Level 42 Theurgist and Hero of Marleybone

Nov 20, 2010
I really don't like the whole rooftop-monster thing. I mean, is it too much to ask to add SIDEWALKS? I get sucked up into battles at least every time I go there, and I'm usually to lazy to fight so I flee, then have to get more mana, and walk all the way back to where I was whn I got attacked. Not cool, Marleybone, not cool.

Rachel RavenTalon
Level 33 Myth

Jan 03, 2011
likeluigi123 wrote:
melcookie925 wrote:
amay11 wrote:
Well to me it seems boring and pointless. Cats , dogs, mice? Really, I think this world was invented to kill time. My opinion, and not trying to offend the makers of wizard 101 and Marleybone.

Alexandria Ashstone, LvL 32 Magus Death/Storm
Yeah I totally agree with you!!! Mb is pointless, boring, and it needs, SIDEWALKS!!!! UGH!!! I get caught in a least 1 battle everytime I visit Mb!!! Mb is the worst world ever( no offense).
do you see side walks on roofs,NO!
Well, do you ever see cats dogs and mice walking on roofs?NO!

Feb 18, 2010
yeah its too dark and you cant go anywhere without getting into a battle. which is even worse when your low on health. besides, its too technical compared with the other worlds. plus there's marlebonian dogs EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they need to stop sticking their noses everywhere. first kt, then their own world, now cl! geez

Feb 25, 2010
I was so excited about finally getting to MB when I did. And my opinion is that it's just ok. My favorite world is Mooshu, because it's bright and cheerful and outdoorsy.

Feb 14, 2010
it was supposed to be challenging. at least we get a break in mooshu :D

Elijah Mythglen, Level 27, Savior of Wizard City

Nov 22, 2010
Sorry, I adored Marleybone. I loved the atmosphere, music and quests.

To all those who want sidewalks on roofs, you're American, right? Slow down, take your time and watch patterns. Monster patterns are there, no question.

Also, get off that mount!! It will pull you into more fights than anything else. I discarded my mount when I found it was "making me a bigger target". I'll use the mount now ONLY when I am in a safe area and want more speed. Otherwise, forget it. I got pulled into more fights while mounted than when not mounted. Think about it.

Jul 09, 2010
Well, if you really think about, and you do all the extra quests, Wizard City is for people lvl 1-12, Krokotopia for lvl 13-32, Marleybone for lvl 33-38, Mooshu for lvl 39-45, Dragonspyre for lvl 46-52, and Celestia for lvl 53-60. I finished Marleybone early and headed to Mooshu when I was lvl 33 :/ When I finished Dragonspyre, I didn't even have Scarecrow yet! I was a lvl 45. I had to Chancel like 10 times, and lvled up about that much. But, I did it enough to get Bone Drake and got to legendary when I completed Trial :-D. And by the way... I hate MB more than ALL of the people out there. I got caught SO many times :/ So, no one else say "I hate it the most out of all the people in the world", cause your wrong.

Dec 20, 2010
Someone's response is, "Do you see sidewalks on roofs? No!" If that is your logic then when was the last time you saw a rat in a suit? LOL! While you may not want a sidewalk because it seems inauthentic there should be some perimeter where a player has a chance to make it to their destination without constantly being dragged into battle. It is too repetitive and numbing to fight so many battles with so few rewards, in my opinion. I agree with the original post. Marleybone Bites.