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i cant find any auest

Dec 23, 2008
i got to marleybone when i was like lvl 31 and lvl 37 now i caant find anymore quests. i did all the quests in hyde park and chelsea court. and ive been working on all of the ones inside teh scotland yard i have everywhere in marleyboen unlocked except for big ben and ive been searching for two hours now looking for quests and i cant find any at all. anyone know where i can find any

Jul 06, 2011
if you've completed the counterweights, then you need to go to clancy pembrook in the royal museum, and he will give you the quest for the big ben. If not, the zones go hyde park, chelsea court, the ironworks, kensington park (optional), scotland yard roof, newgate prison, knights court, katzensteins lab,counterweights east and west, and then the big ben.
hope this helps