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How far till the end

Apr 04, 2018
hello fellow wizards and warriors. I have just gotten the prison break quest and wondering when I will get to musho.level 27!

Apr 04, 2018
Never mind, I got to the final dungeon. It took me about 6hr. Maybe

Aug 03, 2014
Wherever you are in game it can be helpful to look up 'W101 [world] quest tree' (eg W101 mushoo quest tree) and find the guide. They will show you your main quest line and also help you decide which sides to pick up immediately - eg spell quests, training points, pets, crafting, gardening or fishing etc

It's great for seeing where you are and how many areas etc you still have to go in that world. It's also very helpful if you bump into someone you'd like to journey with because you can see quite easily where they are in comparison to you, even if their quest brought them back to an area you just started.

I often quest with the quest tree open in the background for reference

I hope this is helpful to you