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How do i get to marley bone?

Jan 15, 2009
ok. i went to krokatopia and grizzleheim but i really want to go to marley bone. ive seen marley bone and it looks AMAZING! but i dont know how to get there. any suggestions? :?

Dec 13, 2009
Ok for one, you have to pretty much beat krokotopia and i reccomend beating all of wizard city before you go to marleybone. Grizzleheim has some quests available before you venture to marley bone but they can be pretty tough if you are just a level 20. But as I said you pretty much have to beat krokotopia before you are able to venture to marleybone. Marleybone is very cool but there is sooo much walking involved so it is nice to have some other quests in grizzleheim available to you when you get tired of marleybone. Best of luck:

Talon Goldenshade
Magus Necromancer