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how do i get MB?

Jul 11, 2013
you see, i am done with the first island of krokotopia and almost done with the second island, when will i get mb?
my friend got mb before me ( and i didn't get it ) and she was in the middle of the second island.... do you have to be level thirty? cause she was.... i just feel i should already have MB

~ emma griffin petal level twenty six

This Quest Tree from our amazing fansite Wizard101 Central's wiki will help you determine how much further you have to go in Krokotopia.

Remember, your level has nothing to do with your advancement into Marleybone. Only when you have completed the required quests in a world will you be given the Spiral key to the next world.


Jan 03, 2013
Well it's like reading a book the chapters represent worlds. You have to go in order you have to complete unicorn way, triton avenue, cyclops lane, and firecat ally plus defeat foul gaze and lord nightshade in order to get Krok then complete the sun pyramid then the krokosphinx then the temple of storms (I may have gotten the name wrong) then defeat krokopatra then you can go to marlybone! Hope this helped.

Jul 27, 2013
You have to find Shalek the Wise and do his quests.Then when you go to the Tomb of Storms,you have to do the ghosts of Krokohotept.