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Hotfix Coming for Marleybone!

To address the issues some of you have been encountering with the Wooden Chests in Big Ben, we'll be putting in a hotfix in the next couple of days.

Keep checking our message boards for more information and thank you all for your feedback.

Thank you for helping make Wizard101 fun and safe for everyone.
~Professor Greyrose

Aug 19, 2008
LOL...my brain goes...does that mean the site will be closed for maintenance?

The message boards and website will be up and running during that time so take this opportunity to have a look around.

This will be addressed in the hotfix that will occur September 17 during the regular maintenance widow.

Aug 22, 2008
Anyplan to fix the truely horrendous monster pulling radius in most of the zones?

their are very few 'safe' places to stand or cross the road as mobs go by, as they pull you from even the oppposite far side of the path from you and due to the tightness of the rooftop level sections and depending on how busy the server is then your in for a fairly long travel or lots of pulls with the huge amount of mobs traverses the terrain and pulling from everywhere ( instant monster respawns in some area too, whats with that ? )

The walkways/ramps/scenery objects their are also terribly bugged, if you go down some the wrong angle or even just brush against others you either get stuck or you get shot back a few steps in an instant - sometimes hitting the same object again if you werent fast to move elsewhere thus making you bug backwards again or being stuck still - all this making you far more vunerable to those mobs that seem to have the biggest aggro radius in the game so far!

Up until now id loved the level designs, simple and efficent (with a few annoying back and forth between two npcs pains but we are all used to couriers quests in some form or other in MMOs) but Marleybone streets are absolutly terrible, its a nice touch going all rooftops-by-victorianwizard-london-mary-popping style but the game engine just doesnt seem to support such narrow streets+heavy spawns+the fact that all the battles are done in big predefined spheres making 'hiding' impossible for most part.

Aug 02, 2008
I thing that bums me out is I can not SOLO anymore :-(

I have soloed this game from the start and when I got to marlybone
most all my fun stopped as well. Because Marlybone can not be done
playing solo anymore. This world is between Night and Day
compaired to the first 2 worlds. I thought K.I. made this game
so if one wanted to, 'could be done sololy if you wanted too' and
the mobs would adjust accordenly. Guess not... BUT they did
give me a minion to help me in battles, ( don't know if all the schools
get one or not ) but it does not help enuff to keep me from dieing
all the time so why have one then?

I have died too many times to count in Marlybone and the instances are
just plain Brutal, long and hard. Although if your in a party its more or
less a walk in the park.

Marlybone is where the training ends and the more
serious battles begin.

Aug 23, 2008
I did most of it solo, including the final boss battles. I won a lot thanks to my faithful companion Mr. Minion. While he was working on one enemy, i took care of the other. Then getting health and then all i had to do was buffing and killing the other enemy.
By the end it became easier and easier since by then i knew what weapons the enemies would use, and change my deck and wand for maximum efficiency. But believe me, when i started with Marleybone i thought it couldn't be done solo either.
Keep trying and you'll see it's possible to do it solo, if needed find some people to help you and repeat bossbattles over and over again to get great drops - that helps a lot too.

Aug 25, 2008
SyphaN, I think the issue is probably something that can be traced back to your Deck construction, your choice of schools, and your strategy during a battle.

That's not to say "dude, it's all YOUR fault" ... just, Marleybone is a lot less forgiving than Wizard City or Krokotopia were.

My character is a Balance mage, and all through Krokotopia, I cruised along on "easy mode", using Sandstorm to wipe the entire board clean in a single spell - boss fights being the only exception, and usually not by much.

Then all of a sudden, WHAM, Marleybone and it's plethora of Balance-resistant foes (the Burglars, for example - ugh!). So I had to learn to once again use single-target spells - specifically, Spectral Blast - to take down those particular enemies. Which meant changing my deck, swapping most of those Sandstorms out, and several Spectral Blast spells in.

Mind you, I've hit level 30 now, and the going has gotten a bit easier again. Level 30 Crown Gear head to to, a nice deck that dropped for me - the "Deck of the Black Mantle":

But even before that, I was able to struggle through. I solo'd most of Hyde Park, boss fights included. The fights were CLOSE sometimes, and I made MUCH more frequent use of my potions. But, it wasn't impossible.

The lesson is: "with each world, the rules of the game change slightly. Observe, learn, and adapt accordingly."

Aug 06, 2008
"minion to help me in battles, ( don't know if all the schools
get one or not ) but it does not help enuff to keep me from dieing
all the time so why have one then? "

There is a trainer behind the Mayor down the staris that give you a card that will allow you to trade that Minnor in battles for pips. hope this helps.

Aug 25, 2008
Also, the trainer atop the Hidden Shop in Krokotopia offers (Myth school) spells that are specifically all about protecting, healing, and otherwise making better use of your Minion.

Including a no-Pip-cost "Minion Shield" spell that's good for 70% off the next damage to hit the minion.

Jul 31, 2008
Not to say that it is not much harder (because it is) But I am a level 31 mage of life and I have done most of it solo.

Oct 18, 2008
Finarel wrote:
Not to say that it is not much harder (because it is) But I am a level 31 mage of life and I have done most of it solo.

so it is possible if you are a student of life. that's good to know, because while i am not a mage, yet, i am a stuident of life. i also have one of class of fire but i think i will level this one to thirty first, at least. good to know finarel thanks i will keep that in mind and try not to get so disheartened.