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Help with warehouse

Jul 28, 2011

I'm a level 70 balance wizard who has had the quest "Swimming with the Stars" for ever. I got it when I was done with DS but then I leveled up, so I didn't need to do it cause the quest was to get the key. But I could get into Celestia once I leveled, and now it's a side quest. I am really good with it and I am a master when it comes to the crab boss. I'm even OK when it comes to the all balance floor. But the final floor......Is just impossible for me. I need a few wizards help! I always get defeated with my team at this floor. I need help from at least 2 other wizards to complete the dungeon. I would prefer at least level 57 wizards.

Note: It's in Marleybone but it is a Celestia level, it's very hard

For anyone who wants to help me: I will be on February 21, a thursday. I'm on West coast time and the time will be 2:00. (Afternoon)

Please post if you want to help. It's best we do it at my time so others can help too. Thanks
My wizards name is Angela Dragonstone

Jan 16, 2013
I have the same problem although I just realized today it was a side quest. I just beat DS as a level 44 and I thought I had to beat the tower to get the key to CL, later then I found out there was a certain level for CL. I honestly think the last floor is just too difficult as the boss cheats in every way. If you blade, they end up using a scarecrow or a fire nova. If you trap them they just remove it. If you heal, they heal. You also have to defeat the two rats to prevent the 90% towers from being put on. I also noticed that after you beat the cat boss and it's only the main boss remaining, the only spell he seems to cast is scarecrow which really frustrates me because it heals him and gets me killed in the end. I don't see why I received this quest at only level 44 as it requires level 90 assistance.