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greetings wizards

Dec 25, 2012
this is my first message on the message boards, and I decided to post my first message on my favorite world so far
I'm Malvin the world guy as you can see.and I have no idea what this means
or this.
or this.
or this.
and I have a pet wood golem named Bentley.
i'm thinking about starting a youtube channel.
and I have a full friends list.
often you will find me in the commons .
or all around the spiral

and um that's about it

so i'll see ya in the worlds bye

Mar 31, 2009
Hi Malvin!

Oh, don't worry you will learn what all mean as you continue to venture through Wizard101!

Nice to meet you and welcome to the Message Boards!

Good luck on your adventures in Marleybone and beyond!

Nov 24, 2015
Nice to meet you! I personally enjoyed Marleybone a lot, I'm glad you like it!

Will have more meaning once you get father into the story line. Don't worry you'll know soon enough

See you in the Spiral!

Tyler Frost level 43

Dec 07, 2012
Hey, Malvin!

Welcome to the Wizard101 Message Boards! I hope you have a good time during your adventure at Wiz. As for your question, like the others said, they will have more meaning to you as you level up. Anyway, have a great week!


Aug 08, 2012
Hi there Malvin,

Welcome to the message boards!

Firstly, don't worry about for the moment, you will find out about them later in the game.

Secondly, your pet is named Bentley. My dog is named Bentley!

Thirdly, I hope you enjoy posting here in the message boards

Lastly, if you want to make a YouTube channel, go for it!


Christopher Frogweaver - Level 110

Jan 18, 2010

Hopefully you're enjoying the game and expressing yourself here on the message boards so far.

Be sure to let us know if you've any queries about anything, and as you can see above, we'll gladly try to assist in any of those :D

All The Best!