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Getting Celestia key?

May 25, 2009
Ok, so I get the quest from the Storm professor to get the Celestia key in the Warehouse in MB. I go in, thinking it would be a breeze. I talk to the Wizard in there, and he says I need four Wizards. I start panicking and thinking to myself, where will I get four wizards?

I find some people to help, but we lost the crab dude boss battle. Any tips on getting through all ten floors?

Anthony Ghosthunter, lvl 46 Master Theurgist

May 20, 2010
There are dozens of guides on the internet. Go look on Wizard101 Central.

Aug 23, 2009
As colagada said, check some of the fansite guides to assemble team and strategy, however, you don't need four wizards to finish tower, it is just recommended, I did it with only 2 other wizards who were both fire, i'm ice and we still beat it. What you need to be sure to do is strategize for best outcome.

Jul 20, 2010
well i have two tips when you face the crab guy kill all the minions except for one of them then kill the crab and then finish off the last minion and my other tip is when you get to the final floor kill the cat first so you can heal because the cat uses rebirth when you heal.

Dec 11, 2008
my advice? at least bring a healer, if not then get four wizards that can heal themselves and others..make sure all your potions are full and try to kill the enemies quick. try not to focus on charms or traps...make a quick kill so you wont take as much damage in a battle. gl! ;)

Jul 02, 2010
ok you need four people to finish it no lower for the first crab boss i will only tell you the pirates are watching over each other or looking after the person on there right but the crab dude isnt looking over the person on his right SO.........and if you hit the crab dude while the storm pirate is alive WELL you can figure that out yourself for the final boss RCFB or rats cat FINAL BOSS i dont want spoil anything else so good luck

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